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I started my first website 2 years ago to promote my products for another company. There are a large number of products, so the number of articles kept increasing. Initially everything went well with my first hosting providers, until my site reached about 100 posts. I got a complaint from the hosting provider that my site is using to much resource, and they suspended my account after a few days.

I felt very disappointed because from my research, a wordpress site (my site uses wordpress platform) can handle much more than 100 posts in a decent shared hosting server. I told them what I think, and they simply said that I need to use a caching plugin to help reduce the CPU usage. I am not able to opt for a caching plugin in my site, because it has dynamic content that needs to be updated frequently, as well as my statistic plugin doesn’t work for a cached page.

I then moved my site to, since I see they have a good looking website, and a fast download speed from their sample speed test file. was very kind to offer a free migration service to their server in a timely manner. They responded to my request ticket within a few minutes, and completed the migration within about 15-20 minutes. Initially I didn’t see any CPU issue from the cPanel resource usage page. I went to sleep and in the next morning I got an email complaining about high CPU/IO usage of my account. I had no idea about what IO usage was. And I also got another email from them saying that they had fixed the problem for my site.

Apparently, as a customer I just didn’t want to get involved into these hosting management stuffs, so I was very happy with service that they manage to solve the problem for my site. I asked them what they did to my site, and they said they added an index to one of my database tables. Again, I had no idea about what is the index of a database table, but I was just being happy with their service attitude. They really respect customers and care for customers’ website.


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