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After a few months of hard working with my websites, I have now had some free time to write a review about – my current hosting provider. Normally I do not write a review about my previous providers, since in my opinion, they just barely provided a decent service.

First, let me give some details about our websites. We basically do quite a lot of redirects because our websites buy and sell articles for webmasters who need content for their sites. As a result, we need to provide redirect to the destination page after each article is sold.

We found it is a pain to manually add htaccess rules to our main websites, since the htaccess files are growing very big. At first we didn’t expect this problem could be fixed.

By chance when we first moved our sites to, we got a 500 internal server error. We opened a ticket to ask the hosting provider, and they said their server doesn’t allow one line in my htaccess file for security reason. And they also said our htaccess files was too big (about 1MB), making it difficult to edit and causing unnecessary burden to the web server for each hit. They suggested me to add some codes to my theme, and advised to place all redirect rules into a mysql table, so that my site doesn’t have any big file to parse.

Since then, every time I need to do a redirect, I just need to add one more line into the mysql table, which is really comfortable for me. Previously editing a htaccess file was a pain because my browsers was frozen frequently, and it used to take more than one minute to add each rule. Now, it only take a few seconds for adding an additional redirect.

So today I write this review about to say thank you to them, for the valuable codes that they gave to me, and the suggestion they provided to improve performance for my site. I guess they are really knowledgeable persons who can provide good shared hosting service to their customers.


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