Hey WHT!

Our shared hosting/managed web hosting packages have been updated.

----------------------- Who we are, and why choose us? Simple!! -----------------------

1. Location; Based right in the heart of Los Angeles, California, we are in the best spot to take advantage of the awesome fiber that goes in and out of our building. Another nice perk is that all of our staff lives in LA, ensuring that no one but US touches our servers. Our datacenter provider is unbeatable when it comes to making sure our servers stay online, and your customers stay happy!

2. Network; Our datacenter provider has OVER 12 Tier 1 ISP's in the mix, add to that their premium Cisco ASR powered network with a Noction Route Optimizer set to max, and you have a network that dominates in performance, and reliability.

3. Our Staff; Born and raised in Los Angeles, our collective experience in the field spans over 20 years. We're not some kiddie host, reseller, or temporary operation, and I urge you to ask around. Chances are, you'll find someone on here that knows us.

4. Simple, Honest, Flat-Rate Pricing; Ever seen those hosting promos that seem like a good deal, then double or even triple on your next billing cycle? We will NEVER increase your bill for "recurring charges." The prices you see are the prices you get, always.

----------------------- Managed Web Hosting Plans -----------------------

Single Domain
20GB Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
FREE SSL Certification

$5.00 / mo.
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Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Disk Space
FREE Domain Name!
FREE SSL Certification

$10.00 / mo.
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Pay via BTC/BCH, PayPal, Credit Card!

----------------------- The Not-So-Fine Print -----------------------

1. We can customize ANY order of your choosing. Need more HDD space, or want to add spam-free hosting, more backups, SSL certificates and more? No problem!

2. We allow adult content, as long as it complies with California and United States laws!

3. Absolutely NO MASS MAILING OR SPAM allowed. We have an absolute 0 tolerance policy on this, and violators will have their account terminated immediately.

----------------------- Contact -----------------------

For any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us either here on WHT, or via our Contact Form.