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Only $0.67/month or $4.47/year

SSD Hosting in 12 locations in USA, Canada and Europe, with cPanel, Softaculous Premium scripts installer, FFMPEG, DDoS protection, daily backups and much more features

You can choose the server location and IP address of your hosting account, between any of the following countries and cities:

  • USA: New York
  • Canada: Montreal
  • France: Paris
  • France: Strasbourg
  • United Kingdom: London
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Spain: Madrid
  • Finland: Helsinki
  • Germany: Frankfurt
  • Germany: Stuttgart
  • Poland: Warsaw
  • Portugal: Lisbon

Each of the above locations has a different A, B or C-class IP range. You can order multiple accounts with the same discount coupon, if you need different IP ranges for private blog networks (PBN).

Why us
We provide Web Hosting Services since 2002, hosting more than 5000 web sites on fast servers in USA and Europe. Our average ticket response time is 10 minutes, the servers and network are frequently upgraded to meet your requirements for an always online, responsive, fast web site. Our servers are powered by 8-16 CPU cores, 100% pure SSD storage with blazing fast SSD disks and 32 GB of RAM. We create free daily and weekly remote backups, stored in remote locations.

The servers are never overloaded/oversold
Click here to see our server specs and CPU usage as displayed in cPanel
(if you are asked for a username and password, enter username: npdemo and password: passdemo )

Less than 15 support tickets are opened per month by 5000 site owners hosted on our servers, which means that our servers are stable and trouble-free, and that our support system is never overloaded. For this reason, the average response time is only 10 minutes! Average resolution time 10-20 minutes.

Full control
We have our own servers and we directly manage them. Support tickets are handled by technicians and Linux server administrators having direct access to the servers. If you are tired with the escalation procedures between L1/L2/L3 techs of other companies, this is not the case with us. Our staff can resolve any issues directly.

Free SSL (HTTPS) certificates
cPanel AutoSSL and Let's Encrypt will attempt to automatically install free SSL certificates, for your sites (primary and all add-on domains) hosted on our servers. SSL certificates allow your web sites to work over the HTTPS protocol, for increased security and search engine rankings.

Any time refunds
In case you need to cancel within 60 days, you receive a full refund. If you cancel any time after 60 days, you receive a prorated refund for the remaining prepaid days of service.

All of our shared hosting plans include:

  • Instant activation upon order completion: Your account is ready instantly.
  • cPanel
  • Transfer of your account from another cPanel host, absolutely free
  • Softaculous Premium scripts installer (install Wordpress, Joomla and dozens of other popular PHP scripts, plugins and themes in 1 minute right from your cPanel!)
    Click here to view a live demo of cPanel and Softaculous on our servers with all addons we offer! (this is not the general cPanel demo you see everywhere, but how exactly our cPanel is configured with all available extra addons and plugins which give you more power and control over your site)
  • IP location selection: Select where you wish your account's IP to be located anywhere between USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Belgium and Spain
  • 5-20 GB disk space
  • 500-2000 GB monthly traffic
  • Unlimited addon domains, parked domains, subdomains (as long as their disk space does not exceed your plan's 5-20 GB disk space)
  • Free 1000+ Gbps DDoS protection: No need to worry about DDoS attacks anymore. Our sophisticated DDoS protection is able to block automatically network and application level DDoS attacks, to ensure that your site remains always online.
  • Free SSL (HTTPS) certificates
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Microweber web site builder and CMS
  • FTP access
  • 99.9-100% Uptime
  • Apache, PHP, SuPHP, Perl, Ruby On Rails
  • PHP version selector: Choose your PHP version between 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3
  • ModSecurity protecting your site from attacks without affecting its functionality and performance, as we use custom rules and settings, carefully created by our technical team
  • Unlimited PostgreSQL & MySQL databases
  • PHP modules: GD library, ionCube, XMLRPC, cURL, GeoIP, FFMPEG, qt-faststart, flvtool2, mencoder, mplayer, mp4box, Η264 streaming module ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick, ZendGuardLoader, Zend Optimizer and much more (do you need a new module? you ask us, we add it and recompile Apache and PHP)
  • Daily and weekly backups in 3 remote (offsite) backup locations in different continents
  • Increased security with two-factor authentication

Hosting Plans:

5 GB SSD disk space
500 GB monthly traffic
Lifetime discounted price:
$1.99 -> $0.67 / month with coupon WHTSPECIAL
More details
$4.47 / year with coupon WHT7324
More details

10 GB SSD disk space
1000 GB monthly traffic
Lifetime discounted price:
$1.99 -> $1.17 / month with coupon WHTSPECIAL
More details
$7.83 / year with coupon WHT7324
More details

20 GB SSD disk space
2000 GB monthly traffic
Regular price: $2.93/month
Lifetime discounted price:
$5.99 -> $2.01/month with coupon WHTSPECIAL
More details
$13.44 / year with coupon WHT7324
More details

Test IP:
Test download: click here

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Still not convinced? Don't take our word for it.

Check the uptime stats one of our customers shared here in WHT:

and have a look at what our customers say about us:

Awesome uptime just check below the link with a screenshot of Uptime Robot that monitors my Wordpress site hosted at Networkpanda https://imgur.com/ZQojvZP
(review posted on SiteGeek)
Hosting Speed: 5/5 - Excellent Speed, website loads A LOT faster than my previous "Premium Host" with "Premium Pricing"
Uptime: My Pingdom stats show 100% uptime in the last month or so and I have never seen my website down.
Support: Fast and friendly support, not that I need it many times, but they are prompt and efficient with replies.
Overall I would rate NetworkPanda 5/5
(review posted on WebHostingTalk)
-> http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showth...ed#post9373120
I first registered with NetworkPanda after coming across a special promo they had posted on WebHostingTalk (www.webhostingtalk.com). Well… everything went and is still going well. All of the 3 servers I am using in their network are working fine. I am more than satisfied with their uptime and the speed of my web sites. The uptime is very very good as well, 99.98 – 100%. Their support is always there to help in a friendly yet professional manner.
(customer review on their web site)
-> http://www.appdevpoint.net/blog/1712...ears-customer/
Above the standards, totally recommended
I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but when I notice a company comes high and above the standards of everyone else and makes me feel absolutely satisfied, I feel that it deserves our love and a positive review. Networkpanda is one of them.
Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since September, 2015
Review posted on HostSearch.com
I use Network Panda to host the web sites I manage for me and my coworkers and all I can say, it is an awesome service. Without any second thought, I will rate their tecnical support as outstanding. I would give NetworkPanda a 5/5 rating.
-> (source)
Very good host my wordpress site runs smoothly and fast and the support responses (if I ever need them) are fast.
(review posted on SiteGeek)
I've found their support to be very good, i.e. response within 20 mins with an actual response which answered my question together with a friendly attitude.
Anyway I would highly recommend them and hope they keep doing well.
(review posted on WebHostingTalk)
-> http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showth...&mode=threaded
Reliable host the provides what they promise and has been to filter attacks against my site, contrary to other hosting companies I used in the past.
(review posted on TrustPilot)
-> https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/5...a57009786b8a9f
I just sign for they services today, choose the French server, took 1 minute to setup the account and i have to send email to support about 1 domain that i'm having trouble and they have respond in 3 minutes! i will recomend this company to all of you!
(review posted on WebHostingTalk)
-> http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showth...ed#post9154756
Outstanding service
I have been using lots of web hosts over the past years and I have found NetworkPanda to be one of the top thanks to their fast servers quick support and fully featured client area and cPanel. While handling these 4 tickets they were so patient and polite with me. Now I am 2 years there and my account and sites have been working perfectly.
(review posted on TrustPilot)
-> https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/5...a57006bc189e63
I changed hosting provider. So, I requested NetworkPanda to do the transfer; technician responded, again in matter of minutes, that he initiated transfer, and one hour later he informed me that transfer was completed. I logged into Cpanel, being prepared for a boring task of all the setups I needed to make, and to my great surprise, I found there everything that I already had in my old account. StatusCake, Monitive and GotSiteMonitor have not recorded any downtime so far, while speed is the same as I used to have with previous provider.
So far so good - thumbs up for NetworkPanda!
(review posted on WebHostingTalk)
-> http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showpo...7&postcount=13
+1 for networkpanda I am with them for 3 months now after getting one of their offers posted here. Never had any problems. Wordpress, Coppermine, Prestashop and everything else I tried was installed without any issues and didn't experience any downtimes.
(review posted on WebHostingTalk)
-> https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showp...6&postcount=35
Network Panda - these guys are insane
OK - insane in a good way. I signed up for the insanely cheap three year deal, and used a coupon to make it even more insanely cheap. After a day or so I had a question for tech support (I couldn't access my control panel - it was my bad) and they replied instantly. A couple of days ago I had an issue with gmail rejecting forwarded emails (Google admitted it was their problem), and Network Panda tech support replied to my inquiry within a minute. The problem was promptly solved by moving me to another server.
Well guess what? Network Panda support is awesome! Insane in fact. They're treating me as if I paid "real money" for my hosting. Their prices are ridiculous, their support awesome - I'm one happy camper.
(review posted on WebHostingTalk)
-> http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showth...46#post8776846

The price is very good, registration went smooth and the activation was instant as advertised. I installed 2 Wordpress sites with Softaculous and it went fast as well. It took only few seconds for Softaculous progress bar to run during the setup. I chose your Kansas server I live in Los Angeles and the speed from my location to the server is very good.
-> https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showp...72&postcount=2

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