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InnoHosting would like to introduce its line of cpanel web hosting packages geared towards those that are looking for a safe, secure and reliable web hosting service.

••••••••Why InnoHosting? ••••••••

With so many web hosting companies around, horror stories ranging from data loss to rude or even non existant customer service, it's not uncommon for you to find yourself jumping from host to host constantly. With so much choice and variety, you're not sure who you are going with will actually deliver on their promises.

This is where InnoHosting comes in. InnoHosting has been known and operating for over 6 years. Providing a service which is consistent, above par and client testimonials spanning over the years to prove this claim.

Unlike the many hosts, we don't just make promises, we prove to the customer first how we have delivered on our promises for the last 6 years.

••••••••Support When You Need It Most ••••••••

Is your host ignoring you? Do you find it difficult getting in touch with your host? Do you feel the entire company is resting on the shoulders of one person sitting in his/her bedroom? Then it's time to make the switch to InnoHosting. We have a full team of engineers available to assist by helpdesk, live chat and telephone (toll free) 24x7. We don't limit our telephone support to emergencies either, you are welcome to ring for the most basic of questions too..

••••••••High End Hardware ••••••••

InnoHosting doesn't invest in gimmicky software which claims to boost performance (afterall, software can only perform as good as its hardware) - we don't take the cheap and easy route. Instead, InnoHosting invests in high end hardware that provides a significant increase in performance than any software based solution ever could. Multiple 15K RPM SAS Drives, IBM eServers, 8GB RAM, hardware based RAID to name a few.. Not only is the hardware high end, but all servers are lightly loaded ensuring all websites load up quickly & smoothly.

••••••••The Hosting Plans••••••••

Webspace: 1,000mb
Bandwidth: 100,000mb
USA Server Price: $4.99 per month
UK Server Price: $5.09 per month

Webspace: 3,000mb
Bandwidth: 150,000mb
USA Server Price: $5.94 per month
UK Server Price: $7.65 per month

Webspace: 5,000mb
Bandwidth: 200,000mb
Free RapidSSL Certificate Included!
USA Server Price: $9.34 per month
UK Server Price: $11.04 per month

Webspace: 10,000mb
Bandwidth: 250,000mb
Free RapidSSL Certificate Included!
USA Server Price: $13.59 per month
UK Server Price: $15.29 per month

All Packages Include
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
16 Day Money Back Guarantee
Cron Jobs
Custom Error Pages
Password Protected Directories
Autoresponders & Mail forwarders
PHP Support
FTP Accounts
cPanel Control Panel
Fantastico Deluxe
Professional SiteBuilder

••••••••Get In Touch! ••••••••

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like to discuss your requirements with us, then get in touch with InnoHosting at

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