At Exigent Australia, we're letting you select the web hosting resources that you need for your website & email.

With our Elastic Business Cloud Hosting & Elastic Economy Cloud Hosting plans, you can now choose how much storage space and bandwidth you need and only pay for the resources that you have selected.

What is Elastic Cloud?
Elastic Cloud lets you select the resources (Storage space, Bandwidth, Add-on & Park Domain names and IP addresses) and lets you simply increase or decrease your resources whenever you need to. Upgrading and downgrading your resources is simple and can be done in just a few clicks through our Cloud Portal.

We have automated this process through our Cloud Portal so that when it comes time to upgrade or downgrade your servers resources with us, it's automated and your account is upgraded or downgraded automatically for you.

Our Elastic Cloud Hosting Includes:
  • You choose the Cloud resources that you want
  • Your Elastic Cloud Hosting account will be automatically provisioned
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your Cloud resources at anytime
  • Manage your Cloud Hosting account through our Cloud Portal
  • Hosted on our DELL Enterprise Servers with 100% SSD Storage
  • We provide migrations at no additional cost!
  • We complete hourly R1Soft backups for Business plans
  • We provide 4x R1Soft backups per day for Economy & Reseller plans
  • Access to Softaculous One-Click web application installer
  • Choose from our Sydney or Melbourne locations

Our Business Cloud Hosting includes inbound spam protection using our locally hosted Spam Experts services.

How does billing work for Elastic Cloud Servers?
You can start off with an Elastic Economy Cloud Hosting service for as little as $4.75/per month.

At anytime later on, you can simply upgrade or downgrade your disk space, bandwidth, add-on & park domain names, IP addresses. All of our billing is done at a pro-rata rate that takes you through until the end of the billing period for your service. If you choose to downgrade your web hosting account at anytime, we will simply apply a pro-rata credit to your account automatically.

To find out more, please visit our website or call us on 1300 252 080 Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.

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