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That's not an achievement you receive by accident, we get to know our clients personally and work hard because we genuinely want them to thrive. We’re a small, incredibly efficient and agile expert team who is exceptionally dedicated to our clients' success and it shows in 9 years of nothing but positive reviews. We spend the time where others won’t (or can't) as our only growth plan is our mutual long term success. We love what we do, and our clients know it.

The dedicated time and attention we put into each and every one of our clients is what sets us apart from “the other guys.” Being passionate about our client’s success drives us to deliver ideally optimized web hosting environments that are faster and more reliable than they’ve ever had before. Fully managed web hosting with BigScoots is nothing like you’ve experienced before, we’re always available, we care unlike any other host can, and we deliver real results.


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- 55cc -
1GB Pure SSD Storage
10GB Bandwidth
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- 105cc -
5GB Pure SSD Storage
100GB Bandwidth
Was $7.95/Mth, Now $0.80 1st Mth
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- 155cc -
10GB Pure SSD Storage
200GB Bandwidth
Was $10.95/Mth, Now $1.10 1st Mth
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- Turbo Diesel -
20GB Pure SSD Storage
500GB Bandwidth
Was $19.95/Mth, Now $2.00 1st Mth
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All BigScoots' Fully Managed VPS & WordPress Optimized Plans Include:
✬ Enterprise Grade DDoS Protection
✬ Fully Redundant 10GBPS Network
✬ 100% Network Uptime
✬ Fully Proactive and Complete Management
✬ 100% Completely Owned and Operated Infrastructure
✬ FREE CloudFlare CDN
✬ FREE Daily Backups
✬ FREE Seamless Migration Guaranteed
✬ FREE Unlimited SSLs
✬ and much, much more...

Call: 877 570 3396 | Email: | LiveChat: | FB: | Tweet @bigscoots