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Here at KnownSRV, we don't work like most other companies do, we strive to provide you with fully managed hosting solutions with a full 30 day money back guarantee. Are you tired of looking for a fast, quality, reliable, secure and well managed hosting where you can finally feel like home? No worries, we have everything you are looking for along with friendly hosting environment and helpful staff members who look forward to helping you.

KnownSRV Features:
* Fast and stable Network
* Top Security - CloudLinux, CageFS, Imunify360
* Privacy guaranteed!
* cPanel/WHM
* Features such as cURL, IonCube, Zend, and CGI are included
* Real Time Blacklists for blocking unwanted traffic such as bots, spammers, and viruses.
* All complaints are forwarded to the client to handle it.
* Daily backups
* LiteSpeed PHP
* Varnish Cache
* MailChannels - all your emails go straight to INBOX.
* FREE SSL for everyone via LetsEncrypt!
* 30 Money Back Guarantee = NO questions asked!

Our Hardware and Network
We use only server grade HP-branded hardware. Our servers run on dual Intel E5s and SSDs in hardware RAID10(with BBU!) which guarantees fantastic performance and data integrity. The network is fully built from redundant enterprise Cisco, Juniper and Brocade network equipment which allows us to guarantee 99.9% uptime.

AS3257 (GTT)
AS2914 (NTT)
AS6461 (Zayo)
AS3356 (CenturyLink / Level3)
AS6830 (Liberty Global)
AS174 (Cogent)
AS6762 (Seabone)
AS33891 (Core-Backbone GmbH)
Internet Exchanges
Multiple private peers

Test IP:
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Please take a look at our shared hosting plans here:

Why make the move to KnownSRV Solutions?

Great pricing - We may not be the cheapest, but our prices are extremely reasonable, just remember that quality comes at a price, and we provide it at affordable prices.

Security/Efficiency - Problems can occur at any time, some of which cannot be helped, but we here at KnownSRV have systems in place to detect the most common problems before they even occur, and put that together with our highly dedicated experienced staff and we are able to provide secure, efficient services.

Dedication to our customers - We value every one of our customers, without customers we wouldn't have a successful business like we do today, which is why we provide our full dedication and focus towards our customers, to ensure that they are taken care of and are given the best service possible.

Server Setup/Info
Our shared hosting servers are equipment with cPanel/WHM and tweaked for perfomance, stability and security. Our powerful hardware and well configured systems make sure your sites are always available, fast and secure.

We limit amount of sites per server to a reasonable number which means our servers are not overloaded so your site is never slow. If you are tired of the empty promises of other hosting companies, you will be very happy with us. When we make a promise to you, we keep it up.

No Prism, no Patriot Act
Your security and privacy are our top priorities. We have both technical and legal systems in place which allow us to protect your business and privacy. We respect net neutrality and freedom of speech. We will not suspend your site only because someone doesn't like your content or has a personal beef with you.

Supported Payment Methods:
We currently accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, Skril, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, Bank Wire. If you do not have any of the payment methods mentioned, feel free to contact us to find out if any other method can be arranged.

We prepared amazing discounts which will be valid 2 months from now. There won't be a better time to get a service from KnownSRV.
WHT_50 - 50% off first month on all shared hosting / VPS services.
10off - 10% reccuring/lifetime discount on all shared hosting / VPS services

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.