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Our hosting is FAST! Built on our TUNEDCLOUD Cloud hosting platform, with self healing servers and amazing performance from our Intel Xeon Gold powered cloud on a 100Gbps network host node with 1Gbps connection caps per account at a price you can't beat anywhere!

TUNEDCLOUD Shared hosting packages perform as if they are a VPS or Dedicated machine, you will be amazed by the performance you can get on our service, we have had many clients tell us that our shared platform performs better than their dedicated hosting they have had previously. We get this kind of performance because we properly tune our machine setups and never, never, never... ever oversell our services.

Check out our plans with the link above, you won't find a 100Gbps host node connected network with cPanel setup on cloud hosting with the specs we give our clients anywhere else!

Just these should blow away any other hosting offer you compare us to:

  • 10Gbps Host Node Network Connected Cloud
  • 8 CPU Cores
  • 32GB RAM Available
  • cPanel
  • Backups Every 6 Hours
  • NginX Web Stack with REDIS FULL Page In Memory Caching - Built in! (WordPress, Drupal, Etc. custom templates included! - Fastest cache method you can run!)
  • Much more!

Our hosting setups perform exceptionally, you will not find better performance anywhere for the money! In fact our network is provides the World's Fastest Cloud Servers you can get and we have the stats to back up that claim directly available from Our Network page on our site.

As for support, should you ever need any, we are here to help, 24/7! Currently we average less than 5 support tickets a week, we haven't had a tech issue to address in months for our clients, our servers simply work as they should, the only tech issues we have are to help clients with cPanel logins, or with fixing issues with their scripts, etc., not with our server setups or capacity issues.

You won't lose sleep worrying your domains are offline with us.

If you do have issues, we are always here to help!

We are the cloud experts, all of our services from our shared, reseller to VM Instances are all built on a cloud network setup to provide the most stable server environment for our clients.

If you want the most stable setup you can get for a shared hosting account, you want a cloud setup, you want TUNEDCLOUD!