This review about centswebhosting.com hosting service is given by the owner of one of the websites hosting in their servers. Web Hosting Real Review has verified the identity, the billing information as well as ticket communication before publishing this review.

Recently we have started realizing that web hosting is an over saturated industry. Hosting providers have to work hard to get new customers and the hosting cost is incredibly dropped over the past few years. After reading in web hosting forums, we even have a better idea of what we should expect from a hosting provider.

We have been hosting at centswebhosting.com for about 10 months. After placing an order with them, we didn’t know how to set up a website. We created tickets asking a lot of questions, and in the end after more than a day we start seeing the website open in our browser. Every question we asked them they replied almost immediately. However it still took more than a day for us to start working on our site. Later we understood that was because DNS propagation takes time and it also takes time for the DNS cache to be cleared from our computer.

Now, every time we think back about those time, we feel shy ourselves because we keep nagging centswebhosting support staffs asking about the basic stuffs, which we were supposed to know before hand.

However, support excellence is not the only factors that we are writing this happy review about centswebhosting. In 10 months using their service, we have never seen a down time or slowness. That is far beyond our expectation of a web hosting service, especially at their affordable price.

We strongly recommend this company to anyone who need a rock solid server. If you are still undecided, just give them a try for a month, and then ask them to upgrade to yearly payment if they meet your expectation.


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